To be fully understood by my subordinates, I am now writing a draft informing them certain sentiments or supplications as their team leader. I am also finished with some memos or written warnings for some of my operators which I think they really needed to receive because if not, they might just take for granted the rules and policies of the company. Although, I also have some uncommon practices, I never neglected my duty as a team leader. I have always been quality-conscious and even strict when it following rules and now beginning to notice issues regarding respect of authority which some of my operators have already violated.

Just before writing memos and drafts, I was actually calling it a day already but an email from our boss and since I have not sent my weekly report, I was prompted to do it. Before this, Love and I spent the day together at the malls. After the 3rd IPL session of Love, we had our lunch in Lydia's restaurant and celebrate our monthsary there. We used our last and second voucher for payment since we are already out of budget but we had additional "sago at gulaman" as our paid drinks. After our lunch date, we went to Trinoma and redeemed the "For Me" hand and body cream which was my monthsary gift for Love. I can still remember her when she was using lotion before going to sleep so I have thought of these gifts for her. I was actually wondering why she was not using any lotion anymore and this made me reminisce some of her ladylike activities. After redeeming the items or the gifts, we went to Smart and Love had her personal plan disconnected permanently to lessen her monthly expenses.