I have already fixed the amazing shoe rack remaining parts by using Mighty Bond to glue the pieces together. It has a curing time for long hours because when I tried to touch it, the hardener is still not fully hard. I have put too many on it because the blue one which is the adhesive have ruptured already when I was trying to squeeze the cap covering it. It was stuck and hardened already. The hardener which is the yellow tube, I was able to squeeze open the cap off it but I had to use all of it already since it is already on stock and years old. I was looking to the internet for pictures of it but the only thing I can see is one-piece Mighty Bond, not the one that I had, which has an adhesive and a hardener. I wonder why there is no more of the two-piece Mighty Bond set.

Pondering on wondering, I wonder why there are really people blessed already financially. They were born rich and if they are smart and wise enough, they already have a capital to start a business. They do not need to apply for jobs unlike ordinary applicants who queue up in line just to get interviewed and then be told to wait for a call from the company. There are many young executives and young managers already at the age of twenty-five who have not reached thirty years yet they are so lucky to be in that position. I am just wondering why life should be this way. I wonder why some people have attitude problems while some subordinates can understand and follow instructions easily. I wonder why I have done some things I should have not done. I wonder why I became like this person. I wonder where this is leading to. I wonder why I need to ponder.