I woke up early and went directly to the toilet because of dire need to relieve myself. It was almost 4:30 in the morning. After relieving myself, I went back to sleep and at 7:00 in the morning, I woke up again and went straight to the bathroom again. My stomach still hurts and I have been excreting mostly liquids. At almost 12:00, I was still feeling the pain in my stomach so I had another session in the comfort room. That was three in a row already which may have been caused by the stress, by the heat or by the drinking water.

We watched downloaded movies again, "Lorax", "The Longest Yard", "Faces in The Crowd", "The Duchess", and "Alien Trespass". We have watched 5 downloaded movies which I will be deleting already to have available space again in the laptop. We have spend the entire day watching movies and between the movie marathon, I also did a stationary running for almost 45 minutes. Come to think of it, I never notice nor intended that the movies we have watched today is about hope. It is hoping that everything will turn out okay. Everything will be fine in the end.

Now that the day will almost end, I have been thinking of ways to earn more because I still have to pay some expenses especially my tuition fees. I am almost bankrupt now, again, with only 100 pesos in my ATM and I am just praying positively that I can overcome this situation. Time flies and seasons change. Prices of goods increase but salaries seldom increase. I am already in my early 30s and I still do not have my own business and passive income which I have read from a famous book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". In time, I will have it but I just hope that it will not be in my early 40s.

Positively hoping and praying.