It's a holiday today, "Araw ng Kagitingan", the last day of a 5-day vacation period for employees which is very long already.

We went to Waltermart and had an unscheduled visit to the dentist for my Love's tooth problem. She's feeling some pains already and there were also some tiny pieces of her tooth. She had her tooth X-rayed and her molar tooth will be pulled. After awhile, which I never thought would take up one and a half hour; it was a root canal treatment or procedure that happened already. It was a procedure wherein the nerves on the tooth were removed by drilling, cleaning, filing, and temporary paste filling and then a crown will be put on her next treatment. She still needs to return after two weeks for this procedure. This will cost almost 14,000 pesos for the whole procedure and we hope that we can overcome this since the treatment is not covered in our Intellicare.

After the dental visit, we went to SM north, had my advance booking for San Jose printed, ate Blizzard ice cream, bought a ballpen, paid my advance booking of a round-trip fare to San Jose, bought some medicines in Watson’s and used the last three Jollibee coupons which we had last Saturday and was supposed to take a taxi home but opted to ride in a jeepney instead.

While walking back home, I decided to call and ordered for an MGAS which costs 716 pesos already. I thought it was going to be tomorrow but since I saw the delivery guy when we went out and was just going to Waltermart, I decided to give it a try, and fortunately they were delivering already so we had our MGAS delivered and we can cook again.

We watched three downloaded movies for today, “Hereafter”, “Catch .44” and “John Carter”. The latter, I really like, even though it was not a clear copy. We also did not run for today.