It seems that I really need to train hard if I want to join the Milo marathon eliminations and the 1st Ku Ikaika (Polynesian phrase which means "Stand Strong") marathon in La Union. These are the two marathons that I intended to join for this year. The target time for the 21-K provincial elimination races in Milo is 1 hour and 30 minutes for male participants for an age group of 18-34 which is my age group. If it is within 1:15:00, all expense paid trip to Manila will be given to any male participant in the provincial elimination races. That is a whopping "wow". Plus, I need to participate to these marathons so that I can gauge already the expected time I can finish if ever my plan of joining the BDM 102 ultramarathon run next year will push through. Before BDM 102, I really need to set new goals and Milo marathon is one of the goals I have wanted to finish ever since I started joining run races.

Anyway, I ran again this afternoon and it seems to be insufficient. I still need to train more. I have used my old Nike shoes which is still very reliable for my training. After my run, I picked up my Love and we went for a grocery in a nearby famous mall. It was almost 8:30 in the evening already when we were done and went home. Upon arriving, she prepared the ever-delicious and healthy Taco salad. We also have one can of root beer for each of us and also a melted Magnum ice cream on stick. One thing we learned, when you buy a Magnum ice cream, eat it immediately especially when you have no refrigerator to put it into.