Just like the previous batches I have co-handled, the final evaluation and grades of the 14th batch of trainees have been adjusted so that most of them attained the passing grade of 80%. Most of their grades went down because of very slow typing skills not even commensurate to an average typist's speed. I was there when the grades were manipulated because it is my Love who were tasked to be the (un)official training coordinator. There was a pressure to retake the full cycle timing of data capture operation in which three trainees did not make it. She opted to do a retake of typing tests to determine the speed of those ranging from 12-21wpm (words per minute) which is rather very slow. After the retakes, the results were not even higher than 35wpm speed. Decision and recalculation of results plus modification of Excel formulas were done by Love. In the end, it was finally adjusted. Only one did not reached the 80% passing grade and this trainee happened to be a referral from one of the employees in "the Tower".

So much for the training and it seems that I am just having a recap of what happened. I was included as trainer so that the promotion for TL2 will be signed by the head(s) which kept me into thinking that my previous tasks of co-handling batches of trainees was or might have been taken for granted. Now, I am back to zero again for my evaluation. Anyway, I have also incurred tardiness twice already since the start of the training session. This tardiness will also be a reduction in my performance evaluation plus a deduction in my salary. Good thing is that, tomorrow, I will have an interview and I hope it will turn out with a positive result.