As part of being a team leader, I have the responsibility of training would-be operators in a nationwide government project. This time, I had to return to the project office and co-handle the 14th batch of trainees for regional and metro-based operators.

We went early so that we can start early. Fourteen trainees were scheduled starting today but only eleven attended. This is a good thing, at least, they know what they are doing and they have been thinking already.

The usual things but with a few changes in some documents and training materials that were already revised by Love and were loosely based on previous training materials. Another group intended to add their system, a sort of knowledge-based training software, but was still in the process of inclusion. If there is an extra time, that group would be the one who should handle it and not just include it immediately when all else are prepared already. It is a sort of either they want to be heard or they deserve to be heard.

After the training, fully stress from it and from just being inside the office, the aura which seems so tiring and boring and it seems the place is trying to pull down one’s energy, I suggested to my Love to walk.

We walk to relieve our stress. Walking is an outlet. It is an exercise and exercise is a form of stress-reliever. According to my pedometer app in my xperia, we have walked for 8.2 kilometers in 47 minutes. We burned 477 calories. What a way to relieve stress!