I successfully rooted my xperia minipro which I bought last March 21, 2012 in SM North EDSA. In doing so, the warranty is void already because I had to unlock the bootloader. Sony needs to confirm if the owner really wants to unlock the bootloader so that when the brick his unit, Sony will not be liable for it or for any damages that will happen in case a failure of unlocking the bootloader happened or when rooting the unit fails.

I had to experiment and tried some links which, unfortunately, did not work. In the end, I had to follow this link.

Most of the links I had read are already outdated especially with the files to be downloaded. I even had to download most and tried on my minipro but some really did not work out fine.

Now, in order for me to check if I have rooted my minipro, I had to download a terminal emulator and run it. I had to input su after the $ and press enter. I got a super user request and confirmed it’s rooted. I also got a # and also a superuser icon for my apps which I happily installed. I also downloaded Root Checker and installed it and confirmed that I have root access already.

Next thing that I have encountered is having difficulties connecting through VPN, be it OpenVPN or DroidVPN, because of weak connection in my area. 2G network only for Smart.

This will be my next goal, free internet using VPN and another method, the old method of using APN settings.