It was a tiring day today probably because of having been frustrated from a helpdesk that was not really been a good help already. Poor decision-making of a helpdesk which led to unnecessary broken schedule and I have no choice but email a report regarding the issue. Details, again, I really do not want to disclose to protect the privacy of the parties concerned including mine.

I do not want to lose my temper but with the sudden poor decisions, it was really frustrating. A final decision but was suddenly changed when I have already complied with the request to send an exception report. Unnecessary decision of including my private life into it when they can do something about the delivery of the item since it was their sudden change of plans. In the end, they had it pickup and delivered by a courier.

It was really an uncoordinated, inconsiderate and inefficient decision-making for a help that should have been.

After work, I immediately went to pick up my Love. We celebrated our monthsary in Lydia’s Lechon restaurant in Timog Avenue which is in front of GMA. The food was good although it was a long hiatus for my part. I came from a long stop from eating pork. It was a dinner paid in advance and we only use a voucher for it. A 51% of an original 515 peso-meal is really worth it. The set meal consisted of kare-kare, rice (2 plus 2 extra), lechon, and buko pandan. Plus water for our beverage. We did not order any additional beverage anymore since the set meal was already enough for both of us.

Also, the place looks different already from the way it was before during the time I applied as service crew in this place, it was really more spacious already. The color of the walls felt more accommodating because of the yellow paint. Maybe, it was eight years or ten years ago.

Anyway, it was a really wonderful memory for a dinner date. Today was another day to remember because of the simple celebration of our monthsary.