I woke up early but got out of bed with enough time to hurry. I thought I was going to be late in my interview today and it is a good thing that it was just near. I even had to walk just to be able to find the place which was wrongly marked on the online street map. I came there just in time with another applicant waiting probably for another job position.

After a few minutes of waiting, the first applicant was called and went out to inform me that my turn to be interviewed. It was a very quick interview. The interviewer just asked me about specific details regarding why I left my previous jobs and how much my salary was. She even asked me if I was willing to accept a shifting schedule and if I was renting my place. It was the basic details and after awhile, she informed me that I just need to wait for a call from them because they cannot afford my asking salary which is 18K and their offer is only 15K. That ended the interview.

I was smiling and laughing sheepishly when I went outside thinking that 18K is already a high salary. To relieve myself from the worries I had before the interview, I just walked. I walked from Mindanao Avenue until I reached EDSA. I even drank buco juice which was really refreshing and cost me only 10 pesos. I met up with Love in Waltermart and we proceeded to Kamuning for her appointment. After her scheduled appointment, we went strolling in Trinoma and SM malls. We bought our late lunch in KFC and ate it at home.

After eating lunch, we finished the laundry stuff and watched a downloaded movie. The title of the movie is "Aftershock" which is about the aftermath of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. It was a very touching movie about love and sacrifice in which the ultimate sacrifice was made by the husband in the movie by risking his life to save his wife.

After watching movie, I had an upset stomach. It was caused probably by the heat in the temperature or maybe by the warm soft drinks I drank or it can be brought about the stress of job-hunting.