It’s been four days already since having a runny nose, and now, upon waking up from a long sleep, I began to ponder. I will start a new website again, another personal one, and will delete some of my personal blogs before. It’s a new chapter.

I’m still having a runny nose as of this writing. I am drinking half-liter of calamansi juice and neozep medicine as a remedy for my sickness. I am still recuperating and I lose 1 pound probably because of getting sick or because of a light diet and exercising prior to catching a cold.

It’s been ten days already and I’m still proud of having a new Android smartphone, a Sony Ericsson Xperia minipro type, which I bought because of a need to do reports during my travels and also to start writing again all the ideas that I have wherever and whenever I can. I have already installed and uninstalled several Android applications on my new phone, retaining only those which I found very useful for my daily life, removing unnecessary applications upon testing and comparing to other free apps. As for now, I opted to download free apps because of lack of credit card which I hope I could have one already. I need a credit card to pay for my tuition fee.

Now, I am going to eat soup spaghetti macaroni (courtesy of Love) and ponder more.