* My Love already informed me about her out-of-town schedules. I just have to understand. I replied through text. We're waiting for confirmation again.

* It's Taco Salad once again. It's our first for this year.

After a day's work, we did some grocery and my Love decided to make a Taco salad, which was really great. It's another healthy food for both of us. It's a home-made taco salad made of lettuce, beef, onions, tomatoes, cheese, Best Food Mayo Magic and Mr. Chips as replacement for Tacos. I missed eating this one especially when we were in Baguio.

* I have only drank one buco juice this afternoon for my lunch which I have not taken. My Love is constantly reminding me to eat lunch. I will. Budget pondering... Hmm, I prefer her cooking than eating outside. I can eat voraciously all the food that she cooks at night. I guess, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, is true. Smile.

* I still have to drink 1 coldzep and 1 lemoncee for my runny nose which, unfortunately, I still have until now.