It has started raining again and it seems the rainy season is here again. The summer heat we have felt last month will be over by now, at least, here in our country which is the so-called "Pearl of the Orient Seas".

While it was raining, I am already planning for applying for leaves to be able to celebrate some special events in my life. I want to travel to other places in the Philippines either by sea or by air and traverse to the southern part of the country. I have already eyed a two tourist destinations already and also browsing for accommodations as well as travel fare promos from major airlines. They usually have promos during holidays and specific days and their promos ranges from zero fares up to 50% air fare discount. The only remaining costs to be paid are the web admin fees, travel insurance and taxes. There are also add-on options such as pre-selected seats and donations to selected institutions.

Anyway, the only problem that I encountered is my budget for these prepaid trips. Then again, I just have to wait for a few days and browse daily for more promos. I also need to jot down my ideas especially the costs so that I can plan it well. As the saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" which is entirely true when it comes to budgeting. I just need a little more time and it will go well in the end.