This is what happened today while I was packing up for the voluminous scattered things here in my soon-to-be former apartment in Quezon City.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao lost his WBO title to Bradley due to split decision. It was an unacceptable decision especially for Pacman fans but will have to be accepted in the end.

This is also my second day to pack up things. I already used the second big box worth 100 pesos but still there are still some things that are really exhausting just by looking at all of it. There are so many things here that were left and unfortunately, I will be the one to bring when I left this apartment permanently.

My brother Jason already picked up all of his things except for his collection of cassette tapes and a long black pillow. He told me he will just get it in Baguio plus the exhaust fan which I am bringing in also.

I took some photos of the place I am currently staying and have been living for almost 27 years already.

Regarding my DPWH application, I was informed by Love that I need to wait for a call from them. She told me also that the HR might ask me regarding the reason on why I was not able to finish DLSU college degree. This is also one of the questions which was ask by one interviewer before who was so biased that I was not hired as a technical support.

Hohum... I'm tired. I need to sleep. I miss my Love.