I have just read an article in the internet that one should sleep well and long enough in order to prevent Alzheimer's disease and also improve long memories. Sleeping lessens the chances of having memory gaps and this maybe one of the reasons why I am having difficulties whenever I ponder or think about something. There are some things I tend to forget on where I have put or left it and some places I forgot when I have visited. Fortunately, I can remember a person's face very well but unfortunately, forgotten this person's name already. Sometimes my mind went just blank for a few seconds and I got stuck on wondering why and how it happened. I also need to drink some vitamins for improving my memory like Gingko Biloba or Glutaphos to make my mind awake and alert whenever I need to review or write some articles. Speaking of articles, a Freelancer employer has invited me to bid on his project regarding rewriting articles that consists of 500 to 1,000 words. His requirement on bidding is to write a 75-word short article regarding "search engine optimization" and so I have written my idea about SEO and attached it on my bid. I just hope that I can pass his standards so that I can already earn part-time and also have a rating and increase my credibility as a writer in Freelancer. Aside from getting paid weekly and attaining stars as ratings, I also want to enhance my writing skills and improve my vocabulary. As for now, after finishing this one, I need to sleep already and prepare for a brand new day.