It was our 1st massage session for this year. We used the Metrodeal voucher I have bought last year and Love paid only 200 pesos as tip for the masseuses in Asian Clinic. The massage was good and very relaxing especially on the head part. I chose a hard type of massage when I was asked by the masseuse so that I will really feel the massage and it will relieve my body stress. We were actually late because we have forgotten the time of our session at 10am which was written on their whiteboard. The male receptionist told us that there was no available slot but decided and asked if we can wait after 25 minutes since Love insisted if it is possible because she had already reserved for this day. Besides, the voucher will expire already on May 12 and we have no more available time until that day. There is really no harm in trying. Also, for the one-hour foot detox, we were given foot patches in lieu of this since it is more effective, as advised by the male receptionist, to leave the foot patches overnight instead of just one hour. Our overall experience is only average because we were expecting free shower afterwards but they only use hot towels to remove the aromatic oils in our bodies leaving us somewhat having oily skins and hair. The beds are laid on the floor and it was just a typical setting of a massage room, I guess, because my first experience of a massage session in Lingayen was that we were in bed complete with holes for heads to lie on.

After our massage session, we went to Robinson's Manila and watched "The Avengers" which was really worth watching on a wide screen. Before watching, we had our lunch at "Karate Kid" wherein our common comment with their service is poor and unfriendly. We actually felt it because we have heard the phrase 'enjoy your meal" for the two ladies wearing mini-shorts when their food was served. Most of the fastfood stores we have been, the service was great. The service crews were still smiling even during lunchtime.

Anyway, after our movie-watching which is also our first movie for this year, we went strolling for a short while and then ate our early dinner at "Wendy's" with me ordering shrimp burger and single with cheese burger for Love. She was craving for a burger and I was craving for burger too but she does not know this. After our dinner, we planned to take a jeepney going home because I wanted Love to see the streets of Manila but it was raining hard outside so we decided to stay for a little while until the rain stopped. It was not a heavy rain but the streets were flooded already especially in Taft Avenue. This scenario did not change since my college days.

We were supposed to take a jeepney in Mabini but it was flooded already so we decided to go to LRT Pedro Gil station but the corner of Taft Avenue and Pedro Gil was flooded already so we went back. We walked back until we reached Malvar street but there was floods on the corner of Taft Avenue so we went back again until we reached the corner of Nakpil street and Taft Avenue. From there, we walked until we reached LRT Quirino station and finally, we were able to go home. It was a good thing that today was a holiday because there were only few commuters inside the LRT train.