Four days to go and it will be Ku Ikaika run already in La Union. Today I really pushed myself to run even for a short distance and for a short time so that my body will be ready. I was late in my run because I had to do some reservation. It was really hot when I was running. I really felt the hot temperature even though it was not sunny in the afternoon. I can feel the warm air through my singlet and it really makes me feel tired. I had to do 2 laps only for almost 25 minutes. Afterwards, I drank ice water for only 2 pesos instead of drinking pure buco juice that costs 15 pesos per plastic cup.

Since it is payday today, Love and I treated ourselves and we ate protein for our dinner. It was a regular-sized roasted chicken we bought in Mang Bok's that costs only 179 pesos. We have a leftover which we will be going to have for breakfast. We needed some extra protein in preparation for our run in La Union. Rice is our carbohydrates. I have learned that a typical marathon training diet should be 65 percent carbohydrates (carbs), 20-25 percent protein and 10-15 percent fat. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for running. It is the main fuel when running. Proteins are needed for muscle mass and act as an additional energy resource especially when there are not enough carbohydrates eaten. It is needed for building or repairing of muscles and is only a last resort for fuel or energy source. Fats should be avoided but if cannot be avoided, fats to be eaten should be healthy fats such as olive oil, peanut oil and avocado. Unhealthy fats like ice cream and chocolate can be eaten after a run as a special treat for completing a run like a half-marathon or a full-marathon.