I arrived yesterday which was my last day at work and also in Aniceta, the place I have lived at for almost 28 years or so. I was really thankful to my brother Jason who had no other choice but to rent a truck and picked up some of the remaining things there. On the other hand, I helped my brother Jeffrey picked up some things last Friday, June 29. From the original plan of renting my brother Lito's truck which incidentally have engine trouble that my only choice is to go back and forth and bring and literally carry bags and boxes of personal and non-personal things. Nevertheless, efforts were not wasted, God was there to guide us, my Love and my siblings to help us, challenging situations that put a lot of stress and pressures to Love and me.

I have already sent my last daily and weekly report. I also sent a farewell thank you letter to former colleagues and last memo to my former South Luzon 1 team.

This Sunday, Love and I were not able to attend mass, regretful about it. The rest of the day was spent in a gathering at the relative of Love.

A new beginning. A new chapter.