I arrived before 8 am today in LRT Roosevelt station (AKA Muñoz station) and then the lady guard informed me that there was no operations for today. LRT was closed and that it’s only open for the route of Blumentritt to Baclaran. It was really a hassle not only to me but to other daily commuters. It was UNANNOUNCED and I called my Love if it was really closed schedule for today, Holy Wednesday, and she informed me that it is open and the schedule is until 8PM for LRT 1 and LRT 2.

I hustled for a jeepney towards Monumento and upon arriving there, I called my Love again to confirm if MRT is open. She informed me that there are no announcements in the internet. So, I hustled back again to SM North and from there hurriedly walk towards MRT North Avenue station (AKA Trinoma station). It’s a good thing that I already have a ticket and I entered not on the common entrance for daily commuters but rather on the other side, the Trinoma wing and hurriedly walked and took down the middle stairs just below the railways and then upwards going to the other side, the starting point of trains southward-bound or going to EDSA Rotonda station. From there, I queued again, which I never thought I will encounter and do again since my previous jobs in Makati.

It did not change. The situation is still the same. So many commuters jam-packed just to be able to catch a train. Some are even early queuing up already with their formal clothes and formal uniforms already wet by their sweats and the hairs are messed up already because of pushing when a train stops and the doors open.

This is a common sight already, one should expect, every morning in MRT. This is the kind of service we get. This is the kind of experience one never forgets. This is an act one wants to avoid yet it’s a part of life when one travels to work by commuting in trains. Compared to riding in a bus, one encounters traffic, the fast alternative is by MRT or LRT. Yet, when an unannounced travel operation stoppage is done, it is really a hassle.