I accompanied my Love today to NAIA 3. They have a scheduled mobile capture in Boracay for Boracay Regency and Casa Pilar from April 17 until April 20, 2012. Her flight was on a Cebu Pacific flight and it seems relevant and timely for me to post on how to go to NAIA 3 on a budget.

Below are the directions on how to go to NAIA 3 terminal.
  1. The starting point is LRT Roosevelt station (AKA LRT Muñoz station)
  2. Pay 20 pesos (as of April 16, 2012) until LRT EDSA station (AKA Pasay Rotonda station)
  3. After alighting in LRT EDSA station, there are two options to go to the Bus terminal going to NAIA 3.
    • Take the stairs upwards going to MRT. During rush hour or around 9AM (when we chose this way), you will encounter human traffic, that is, you have to squeeze yourself passing through hundreds of people until you reach EDSA MRT station and when you arrive, go down the stairs and you will see McDonald’s store and you are already within the terminal area.
    • Take the footbridge. This option is somewhat longer and during rush hour or around 9AM, you have to walk under the heat of the sun. From LRT, walk straight, you will see some sidewalk vendors (yes, on the footbridge), turn right then turn left. (Do not go down. This is the first downward stair.) Turn left again. (You will see the second downward stairs. Do not go down.) You need to walk until you pass under the LRT railways. Then, turn right and go down the third downward stairs and turn left passing through some vendors and walk pass the Hotel Sogo until you see McDonald’s and you will arrive at the terminal.

    • After you have pass under the LRT railways, just walk directly until you reach MRT station, turn right, and then take the downward stairs and you will see McDonald’s and you will arrive at the terminal.
  4. REMEMBER: The landmark is McDonald’s.
  5. IF IN DOUBT, you can always ask the vendors there where the NAIA 3 buses are. You can also ask the people waiting in line for the queue of the NAIA 3 buses.
  6. NAIA 3 buses are usually colored white with an HM-## (example, HM-12 or HM-17) marked on them.
  7. Flat fare cost as of this writing is 20 pesos each regardless of sex, age or gender.
    • For our travel today, April 16, the total cost of fare expenses going to NAIA 3 with LRT Roosevelt as starting point is 80 pesos. Individually, this means only 40 pesos which is a real savings!

    Upon inquiry with the driver during my trip back to EDSA, I had gathered the information below.
    • First Trip: 5:30 AM
    • Last Trip: 11:00 PM
    • Schedule: Everyday

    • Bus Departure & Arrival: Between 15 to 20 minutes. It really depends on the level of traffic. This is true regardless whether you are coming from EDSA or coming from NAIA 3.
    • At NAIA 3, when you see the ARRIVAL ENTRANCE (on your right side) already, you need to alight there already because the DEPARTURE area is located on the upper level. The bus stop is located below, on the lower level and these buses do not pass on the upper level.
    • From NAIA 3 arrival entrance gates, when you want to go back to Baclaran or EDSA, you only need to cross on the other side and look for the BUS STOP sign. You can also ask the guards for directions.
    • The last stop of the NAIA 3 bus coming from EDSA is Resorts World because there are also employees who commute using these buses regularly. (This means, if you're going to commute to Resorts World, you can also follow the methods here, by riding in the NAIA 3 buses).