My first time to go to this summer island getaway was really not highly-planned due to budget constraints. For missing Love, I have to do something regardless of tight budget, so I travelled alone and went on an adventure to Boracay and also to run in Skyathon 2012. (Details to be posted soon.)

Going to Boracay by sea and if you are the adventurous type of traveler who can wait patiently for long hours, I can recommend this way.

To Boracay by sea:

   -    Go to Batangas port via bus either at JAM terminal in Kamuning, EDSA or at DLTB terminal in LRT Buendia station. I personally recommend DLTB because they have free wifi. DLTB fare from Buendia to Batangas Pier (Batangas Port) is 133 pesos. Look for the sign of “One-Stop” as this will not pass through Turbina which is a major stop-over for south-bound buses.

   -    The bus will enter the Batangas Pier and you will have to alight inside the pier. The travel time is around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic encountered.

   -    Inside Batangas Pier, you can buy your ticket at 2GO ticket booth. You can just follow 2GO’s big pink-colored signs showing the directions to their booth. If you have no advance ticket yet (which you can buy online), you can buy for a tourist economy or economy with no aircon.

   -    The price for tourist economy with aircon plus meal, linen and insurance fees is 876.21 pesos (as of April 2012). This was actually the one recommended by the teller since all economy with no aircon is already fully booked.

   -    Travel time from Batangas port up to Caticlan port is around 10 hours. Yup. This is really for those who have a tight budget and can endure the long travel time.

   -    From Caticlan port, you just have to follow the signs or follow the people going out and proceed to buy the terminal, environmental and pumpboat fees for Cagban.

   -    The prices:

     o    Window 1 – Pumpboat Fee – 25 pesos
     o    Window 2 – Environmental Fee – 75 pesos
     o    Window 3 – Terminal Fee – 50 pesos

   -    Travel time from Caticlan to Cagban is around 10 to 20 minutes.

   -    From Cagban, you can take a ride in a tricycle and proceed to go to your hotel.

   -    TIPS:
     o    If you have planned your Boracay adventure on a tight budget and want to take the travel-by-sea option, buy your 2GO tickets online to minimize the fare costs. They have a 460-peso promo as of April 2012.
     o    If you are looking for affordable place to stay, I personally recommend Trafalgar Cottage near E-Mall. Take note, E-Mall not D-Mall. E-Mall is along the main road and near the old or original Talipapa.
     o    You can survive Boracay adventure and still enjoy despite having small budget of 4K to 5K. But, if you have the means, you can always opt to travel by air especially if you do not want to wait any longer.