I was searching on ways to find the MAC address of a Coby Kyros MID7015 Tablet but most of the links I have found was helpful but incomplete. The instructions are actually very simple. By clicking the Wi-Fi Settings, then choosing ADVANCED and from there you will already see the MAC address. Select the ADVANCED option, hmm.

From there you can see the MAC address already. But wait, where is the ADVANCED option in the Wireless & Networks Settings?!? Fortunately, I was able to go back to the basics. To get back to the basics means searching from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of Kyros in the Coby USA site. The link is: http://www.cobyusa.com/?p=kyros-support and you need to scroll down and look for the question 'How do I find my MAC address, so I can connect to my wireless network?' The answers are almost the same with what I have found from other sites EXCEPT (yup, a big exception) no one was able to mention that to be able to locate "Advanced", you need to click the MENU button which is located on the side of the unit. Finally, I was able to find the MAC address and add it on my router.

Steps for locating MAC address in COBY Kyros MID7015 Tablet:
1.    Click on Settings icon.
2.    Click on Wireless & Networks.
3.    Click on Wi-Fi Settings.
4.    Click the MENU button, located on the side of the unit.
5.    Click on "Advanced".
6.    Your MAC address will appear in the Advance Menu.