This article is written by a team leader of 12 data capture operators from different SSS branches.

It's year 2012 already and approaching start of the second quarter of the year. I am writing this article to help those who are still pondering on how to apply for an SSS ID or SSS UMID which was introduced last year.

SSS UMID card is the replacement for the old SSS ID card. This refers to the blue digitized card. UMID stands for Unified Multi-Purpose ID (not universal, which most people say when asking about it) and it is primarily colored yellow. For security and privacy reasons, I will not post here the old SSS ID card and the new SSS UMID card, but what you can do is to inquire through any data capture operators in SSS who does the capturing of ID.

Please take note, that the old SSS ID is still valid. We still need to wait for further announcement from the government if they are requiring everybody to apply for a change of ID card.

The procedures are basically the same from all the branches nationwide and abroad, too. Yes, there are also data capture workstations in some countries. You can just inquire through the consulates or the embassies.

Steps (1st Part)
1.    Request for a copy of an E6 form. You can also download it here (SSS E6 APPLICATION FORM / SSS ID APPLICATION FORM).
4.    Fill up the form. Read the instructions carefully especially with the following:
a.    Mother's maiden name
b.    Height should be in centimeters
c.    Weight should be in kilograms
d.    Landline number or cellphone number in case there are issues encountered during transmittal of data.
e.    Please sign carefully, slowly and legibly on the E6 form because your signature here should also be the same when you are asked to sign on the signature pad during data capture already.
5.    After you filled up the form, you need to have it validated through the SSS verifier. Please take note, that different branches have different approaches to ID verification. Some requires members to ask for a number in the guard, while in other branches, you have to wait for your name to be called. Mostly, you have to ask the guard for a number for ID verification.
6.    Before validation, you need to be ready with your proof of identification. This is to validate that you are the person who filled up the form and you are already qualified for a UMID ID capture.
7.    If you are qualified and the SSS verifier has stamped your E6 form already, you may now proceed to the UMID ID data capture workstation.

Steps (2nd Part)
Guidelines during data capture.
1.    Present valid IDs to the data capture operator.
2.    Avoid wearing sandos for men and plunging necklines, tube tops, and spaghetti strap blouses for women.
3.    Avoid wearing large earrings or dangling earrings. No earrings are allowed for men.
4.    Avoid wearing contact lenses that are not the same with your natural eye color. In other words, avoid blue, green or gray contact lenses if your eye color is really brown or black.
5.    Please remove all caps, hoods, hats or any head coverings during photo capture.
6.    Sit up straight in front of the camera and look straight into the camera lens. Avoid moving at all times during the photo capture and please follow the instructions of the data capture operator.
7.    Sign on the signature pad accurately, that is, it should be the same with your signature on the E6 forms.
8.    After the data capture, wait for your acknowledgment receipt as proof that you have been data captured. UMID card will be delivered on the address that you have indicated in your E6 forms. As for now, there is no specific date regarding the delivery of the printed UMID card. I will just update my post here when the UMID card of one of my operators in Bacoor have already been delivered.

Additional instructions:

*    If there are any changes in status, applicants should fill-up an E4 form first, get verified and return after a month.

*    For replacement of lost cards:

a)    An applicant should have an affidavit of loss which is available in notary publics. Prices for these affidavit ranges from 80 pesos to 150 pesos. It varies in different areas.
b)    A payment of 300 pesos is required and should be paid in the SSS cashier using an R6 form. Before paying, an applicant should, TAKE NOTE, GET VERIFIED FIRST. Verification is necessary to check if an applicant is qualified for an ID capture. Do not pay first and then get verified. Wait for the instructions of the SSS verifier/validator/generalist.

*    For replacement of damaged cards:

a)    A payment of 300 pesos is required using R6 form. As indicated above, do not pay first. Get verified first and then wait for the instructions of the SSS verifier/validator/generalist.
b)    Your old damaged card must be surrendered to the SSS verifier/validator/generalist or to the Philpost data capture operator.

*    For replacement of SSS cards (colored blue ID):
a)    If you just want to replace your colored blue SSS ID, a payment of 300 pesos is required using R6 form. As indicated before, do not pay first. Get verified first and then wait for the instructions of the SSS verifier/validator/generalist.
b)    The old SSS card, the blue-colored ID, must be surrendered to the SSS verifier/validator/generalist or to the Philpost data capture operator.

*    For GSIS members:
a)    No need to apply for an SSS UMID card. However, it is necessary to remember your CRN indicated in the upper right corner above the photo.
b)    In case of lost GSIS UMID card, you need to pay 300 pesos and the CRN will be required  by  the SSS verifier/validator/generalist.
c)    You also need to have an affidavit of loss as additional requirement for lost GSIS UMID card.

From time to time, I will update this post, if there are any changes regarding UMID data capture operations.