It took me three trials (and errors) before I finally updated my Sony Xperia Minipro from version 2.3.4 to version 4.0.4 and I thought I bricked my phone already. I tried updating it to Jelly Bean but it only booted but turned off again after a couple of tries. Finally, still hoping I can find a way to update it, I found a site that has instructions on how to update. The site is:

Instructions on how to update includes:

  • Checking the version of the Android
  • Backing up contacts, files and messages
  • Downloading XPERIA Flashtool at
  • Downloading latest firmware at
  • Copying the ftf file to the folder "Firmware" after installing XPERIA Flashtool
  • Opening the XPERIA Flashtool and just follow the instructions that will appear
  • Turning off the phone while pressing the volume
  • Waiting a few minutes for the update to be successful
 Useful link for Sony Xperia Recovery key is