Yesterday, after lunchtime until evening, I really felt a pain in my nape. It was like someone is twisting my neck specifically with the nape part. I felt it when I was doing some online jobs and I just felt sudden pain. I had to relax and lay down for hours. I was able to eat dinner but I still felt it while eating. Love was really worried but she cannot do anything. I decided to sleep it over but I was able to sleep very late already because of the pain.
I have read from the internet that the major cause of nape pains is high blood pressure. Hypertension runs are common in our family so I think I have hypertension too.
Another hassle is what we have experience today. Just this morning, a couple of Maynilad guys went and knock to our door informing us that we are overdue already. They will disconnect our water service and will be reconnected only after paying the 2-month bill amounting to 551.71 plus miscellaneous charges of 495.24 of which they never explained what this miscellaneous charges are. I really was worried already because I had budgeted already my remaining salary. Now, I had to pay 1000 plus for this and it was not even reconnected today. They told me, when I saw them and requested them to reconnect already, that I need to call hotline 1626 which was always on hold and that they do not have any tools for reconnection. I had to ask for assistance with our neighbor who had a hacksaw.
Last Friday, I was able to talk already with my boss regarding my resignation letter. It went okay minus the convincing and counter offer already, meaning, I was not suppressed or prevented from resigning already. I was just informed regarding the evaluation results that I should have been a TL3 already with a salary increase too. Nevertheless, I have decided already with this and I had to live with it. Resign and move on and move forward, positively.
That Friday night, my long toe nail was already removable after being dead for a couple of days. I easily removed it and saw new part of nail growing already.
Additional hassles are the installation of lockdown and dtrs software which I still need to do on my site visits because it is required already. Now, I have to wake up early and go to my site as early as five in the morning. They would not allow me to pass the task to the team leads that will replace me.
The hassle of pondering on how to clear this place in Aniceta where we live is another hassle. Where to get boxes to pack up the things which mostly do not belong to me anymore is really hassle. I really have to ponder and decide to throw things which are really not necessary to bring to Baguio anymore.
Pondering the hassles. Gosh.
Just when I was about to end this entry regarding hassles, I accidentally saw a link about hassles. I was actually looking if there is a hassles word or the plural of hassle. Anyway, the title of the article I read was “Don’t Let Life’s Hassles Get You Down” which was really helpful. Just read the article.