I was tasked by our Ops head to make a report regarding a Facebook issue. I will not go into details regarding the said issue but it makes me wonder why me. She was calling me this morning but constantly been cut when I tried to answer or call her back. It was my Love who informed me about it, so, off I go and I was able to do and finished it within the day. I just did some simple backtracking to find out who did what. I also included a little background history of the item. It was just a simple tracing and input of details which fortunately I managed to do while trying to finish an insubordination memo which is related to my post yesterday and I asked my Love for a draft since she is more capable of creating one.

Before these two tasks, I tried to finish the monthly report for our emergency meeting on Friday. What's left to do are the evaluation reports for some of my operators who will be ending their contracts in May.

It's really funny, assigning me to do the report regarding the issue because of my technical background.

It’s really amusing.


Upon checking my Chessworld.net game, I did it again. I committed a wrong move again and I now I lost a very important piece, the queen. It was a shocking move on my part. I did not anticipated it and it surely is amusing playing chess especially when you thought you have made the right move only to find out that it was not.

It’s really funny.