I was late on my first day in my job as computer operator. I had to ride a taxi with another passenger whom I do not know but still I arrived at 8:01 in the bundy clock already. I was also informed that my first salary will be delayed because of budget constraints.

Anyway, I was assigned at the budget team after I was enrolled in the biometrics by the HRM officer. Today, I realized that after working in several private companies and indirectly working in SSS as team leader, I have finally learned how to properly used a two-hole puncher and properly aligning the holes on the documents and filing it on a folder. Also, I have learned how to use a photocopying machine properly. Two very basic office skills which are very important when working in an office environment.

Back home, I still was able to finish compiling the voice records project of my Love's sister. I was also able to do my Odesk data entry task. Next pending task is the video editing project for my Love's cousin.