These are some of the expenses that should to be paid for this month (and other months to follow) which I just want to put in this blog so that whenever I see them, I need to ponder more.
•    Meralco – cost ranging from 300 pesos to 800 pesos especially if we use the coffeemaker
•    Sun Broadband – fixed cost of 799 pesos
•    Maynilad – cost ranging from 300 pesos to 700 pesos especially if we have not paid for two months already
•    LRT stored-value card – 2 pieces of 100 peso-stored value card
•    MRT stored-value card – 2 pieces of 100 peso-stored value card
•    Marathons – cost ranging from 500 pesos to 1,200 pesos
•    Cellphone – I still owe something worth almost 12,000 pesos
•    Boracay fare – I still owe 5,000 pesos
•    Tuition fees – I still need almost 30,000 pesos to graduate already
•    May 25-26 Team Building with Tshirt – required joining fee of 1,000 pesos for teamleads (500 pesos for data capture operators) and tshirt worth 170 pesos for those who will join and 250 pesos for those will not join (optional for data capture operators)

Those are some of the expenses and I have not included the more personal expenses especially the prepaid expenses because of the need to keep it personal. I am just sad and frustrated especially with the job-related expense.

Why did I have to write this one? I just want to ponder more regarding the “required” attendance for the team building event. I have my personal reasons for not joining this one. In return for not joining, I may lose a job or I may lose the trust of our operations manager. A gap can be formed between us because I did not join. Needless to say, whatever happened, I am not and cannot join this group activity. It is an all-in-one frugal activity of a company that consists of team building slash summer company outing slash annual meeting.