We had spaghetti, brewed coffee and pineapple juice for our foods. We still managed to cook spaghetti despite the fact that the MGAS tank ran out of gas already while Love was cooking. I used the old Standard rice cooker which is a vintage rice cooker already because it was a family possession already when I was not still born.

We watched three downloaded movies before going to mass. The titles were “One for The Money”, “One Day”, and “Everything Must Go” and then we attended mass. We attended a 7PM mass at ‘The Most Holy Redeemer Parish Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel’ and indeed, a very long name for a very small chapel.

After attending the mass, we bought Magnum Belgian ice cream on stick which is worth 55 pesos each. It was a good ice cream but too much hype was put on it in TV and internet ads.

We ate the Magnum while walking towards home and upon arrival; it was still hot inside the house. We watched another downloaded movie, “Lemony Snickets’ A Series of Unfortunate Events” while we ate hot and spicy Nagaraya complimented with mango juice as our drinks.

That’s how we celebrated Easter by me and my Love, unfortunately, we had no run for today.