It’s the birthday of my brother today. Happy birthday to you, Brother Jeff.

Anyway, Love and I spent the day watching downloaded movies. It was a comedy-action and an action movie, 21 Jump Street and Haywire. After watching, we had an afternoon run in UP oval grounds. There were no traffics since it was a holiday and most people are in the provinces. After our run, our first afternoon run here in Quezon City, we had chocolate sundae (for Love), Milo blast sundae (for me) and large fries while waiting for a ride in Philcoa and since there were no jeepneys going to SM North today, we had our first ride in an FX taxi (here in Quezon City) going to SM North. The fare was 15 pesos each. It had increased already from a minimum of 10 pesos before to 12 pesos and now 15 pesos as minimum fare. It was also our first bus ride coming from SM North up to Royal. It's just taking advantage of a no-traffic and few people in an ordinary bus.

I am still tweaking my xperia minipro and hopefully will find ways to have a free internet. I’m also downloading, installing and uninstalling applications for it. Testing and then removing unnecessary applications that hog my xperia minipro.

I also registered in, a site for brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and mind puzzles. It is truly a site for a ponderer like me.