Most of the trainees are really slow when it comes to typing which then greatly affect the modular and full cycle timing we conducted today. It was a decision time again if we need to adjust the scoring system for this batch. Same with the previous batches wherein we also had to go overtime and came home very late just to make sure all trainees pass and only one or two will be eliminated during the final evaluation. My Love did adjusted already the scoring of the modular and full cycling timing results as well as the typing speed of the trainees. It is really a decision time already and yet the final exam and practical exam is not yet given. Maybe because some of the trainees were "carefully" chosen by two heads and most were referrals of company employees. There is really a bit of pressure in deciding whether to pass a trainee or not because of their relationship with other company employees especially those referred by the heads.

I am also deciding if I would go to an interview tomorrow to Taguig for an IT help desk position. I have missed one opportunity last week when I did not attend an interview for a supervisory position in a well-known oil company for one of their gas station outlet. Now, I am in a predicament again since I really want to leave already because of LBM or "looking for better management" reason. It is a pun intended especially for those who put it as a reason for leave. It is a joke which I am seriously thinking now. Deciding carefully and pondering on the pros and cons of resignation. Surely, with today's kind of living, there are many cons than pros. It really is a decision time, again.