For Day 30, Love and I went to QCPO to picked up our backpay that includes our last salary and 13th month. We left around 3:30 AM and arrived almost 11:00 AM already. We were able to encashed our checks and also had lunch at ChicBoy which was a few steps away from Chinabank.

We had to return again at QCPO to picked up our 2012 ITR because it was not found earlier by the HR. Before we returned, Love had her last IPL at Body Essence. She also paid 300 pesos for additional IPL for her legs since she only have 2 vouchers on file. This may also be a way for the clinic assistant-cum-receptionist to earn a few pesos. Hmm.

We were able to had a ride to Baguio around 3:00 PM and it was our first time to be separated in a Victory Liner bus going to Baguio on a Monday afternoon for almost two hours. Fortunately, there were passengers who dropped off at Dau terminal. We were able to be seated together from Dau at the back seat of the bus. We arrived at Baguio around 9:30 PM.

For today, day 31, it was my first typhoon experience in Baguio ever since I have stayed here already. Typhoon Gener had strong winds and it was also announced by the mayor of a no-class for all levels.
Also, it was the start of the 10-day familiarization for the transcription job. Despite the typhoon, the orientation still proceeded and there was only 3 of us who attended the first day. It was also brownout when I left Love alone at the house and there was no more gas for cooking. I had to ride a taxi already which costs me 63 pesos up to the place of training and the training started around 1:35 PM and ended around 5:30 PM. I arrived home around 6:30 PM.

As of the moment, there is still internet connection but very intermittent due to the typhoon, although I was still able to finish some Odesk stuff before this Yola entry.