I tried the 130 messages as part of the requirement in the transcription job I applied for. I started at around 9:30 AM or 9:45 AM and finished 92 messages at 1:15 PM, without lunch break. The only break I had was when I sent a text to Love. The remaining 38 messages, I finished from 1:25 PM until 3:00 PM. It was raining very hard when I went out of the building.

I was able to attend the anticipated mass, too.

"The poor is more generous than the rich" as emphasized by the priest.

We also had a snack cum dinner at Solibao. We had a delicious shawarma and pancit bihon there. Afterwards, we proceeded to Cafe City in SM because we were invited by Love's besting friend for an evening coffee drink because it was the 60th birthday of her dad.

As of this writing or typing, it is already brownout. I am currently using the Sun broadband sim in the dongle and it only has a very slow connection.

Also, upon checking, Sir Matt already replied on my confirmation email regarding the 10-day familiarization and it will be on Tuesday afternoon.

I also received the files to be inputted to an excel file for my Odesk job.

Time to sleep for another day tomorrow.