I had my interview today for the transcription job I have applied and it went well. I was asked to return for an introduction regarding the company and the job. I had to go to church to pass the time until after lunch. I was able to attend mass also. One thing I have learned today is "accidents do happen, any time, any moment". I was walking slowly downwards the 104-stone staircase and I accidentally slipped. It was a good thing that I was able to hold on the railing and if not, I would have bump my head on one of the steps.

Anyway, I still have to return tomorrow for another test or part of familiarization of the transcription job. We are required to finish 130 messages in approximately and ideally, 4 hours. I will do it tomorrow at 9 in the morning. Afterwards, we have to email a confirmation if we will still continue with the 10-day familiarization. It was a good thing too that I was able to convince to move the first day of familiarization, the orientation day, to Tuesday because Love and I needs to be in QC to claim our last salary, 13th month, ITR and COE.

Also, Love and I had an afternoon date at Good Taste which really has a good-tasting foods with large servings too.