Last 22nd day, it was shrimps that we had for dinner. Last night, for the 23rd day, we had spaghetti for our dinner. It happened because Love and I were supposed to eat spaghetti when we were having our snack in front of Olympic Lanes and the lady at the counter told me that there microwave was not functioning so the spaghetti that I was suppose to order cannot be heated. So I decided not to order anymore even with the pancit. After that, Love craved for spaghetti too and we just decided to cook it for our dinner. It's a good thing that the cafe caramel macchiato we had was good, otherwise, we might have left pretty disappointed because of expensive breads and the spaghetti that cannot be heated because of their microwave malfunctioned or is it because they were just lackadaisical with my order.

By the way, caramel macchiato is made of espresso, caramel and steamed milk. This link, is a link that I have found on how to make that hot cafe caramel macchiato.

For today, Day 24, I had my 1st hourly contract in Odesk. I hope tonight or tomorrow there will be more contracts to come.

I also received a text message that my insurance did not lapse and it is already converted to monthly-based premium. Hopefully, I found a source of income already so that I can still continue paying it. I also need funds for my remaining units in CAP college. I still have 27 units left before graduation. That is worth 27,000 pesos. Hmm and time does not stop ticking.