We paid the Sun Broadband on Day 20 to avoid disconnection. We also strolled for a few minutes and even watched a hip-hop dance contest in SM Baguio. Strolled a little bit more and bro wsed some books in National which unfortunately have only a few selections of gardening books. One particular book, the title we have already forgotten, did caught our attention and it was about some Baguio memoirs and stories.

A friend of Love's youngest sister also came at night. There was also a very dubious man riding on his motorcycle who  suspiciously parked in front of the gate and then going back and forth on the street. Hmm...

Today, Day 21 is another stormy day. I had to moved the roses near the door thinking that too much water might ruin them. I just stayed here all day at home and Love did not want me to picked her up due to the heavy rain. There was also an instance of brownout so I had to stopped browsing the internet. I am still waiting for some Odesk replies of the 2 active candidacies from several applications I had.

Also, thinking of getting a Globe plan worth 299 pesos since Smart is actually very frustrating because the load is gone already even though I only send a few text messages which is not normal. Even a 30-peso load is actually consumed after a few days even though I have just sent only 10 or 15 text messages.

As of the moment, I am waiting for Love and hoping that she is okay and hopefully arrived home safe.