This is not the first time that I did not bring the company-issued laptop at work. There were several occasions and site visits that I did not bring it because it is heavy and bulky. I cannot move freely and securely because I have to bring it in front, I mean, wear the laptop bag in front and not at my back. I have to think of its security by not losing it and also of my own security by not being too obvious from robbers that I have a laptop. I cannot move very fast without thinking that if I bump on something hard, it might get a crack. Plus, I also hate the constant checking of bags when enter certain establishments like LRT, MRT, malls and especially in grocery stores wherein I have to wear the laptop bag all the time even in the store premises because it will not be safe in the baggage counter.

This time, I did not bring the laptop. I did not wear the laptop bag which has a laptop in it. I was just too lazy or too bored to bring it. I only brought my B200W modem which is inside a pouch bag. I also brought with me three cellphones which was supposed to be two only but I have decided to use the company-issued Nokia cellphone which is has soft keys. My Cherry Mobile D12 is already difficult to use. I am having a hard time using the keypad for texting and also when I have to choose for a text recipient, I have to scroll down until I reached the selected recipient, which is really time-consuming and a hassle on my part. It is a good cellphone because it is dual-sim but for practical reasons, I have to choose convenience to send text messages over efficiency to use two sim cards in one cellphone.