As I was browsing for jobs online, I had a feeling of regression on my part because I am not a college graduate. It is only here in this country that a college degree is very important despite the person’s having the right skill for the job or even a multi-talented and multi-skilled person. Without any college degree or a college diploma to present, chances are very low for getting hired. It is very rare that an interviewer will pass an applicant who has many experiences to be proud of and be hired on the spot. Nowadays, it is only in call centers that an undergrad applicant can have a high chance of getting hired and be employed with just being effective and proficient in speaking English or in any other foreign language.   

Why was I pondering about job searching? It’s because I have been thinking seriously of resigning because of some major concerns at work and personal reasons. Issues such as incompetent colleagues, inefficient management decisions, inconsiderate employees, indirect favoritism, and unjustified termination of co-team lead while another team lead was just demoted and transferred to another department are only some point of interest why I should resign already.

I have already writing a draft as of this writing and it’s almost ten in the evening and I’m still having serious thoughts about it. Even when I was traveling towards home and pick up my Love, I was already pondering. Maybe I have lost a few pounds already for the mere thoughts that are occupying my mind. I already weigh 78 pounds slash 71.667 kilograms when I weighed myself awhile ago when I was answering a survey online. I need to divert my thinking for a few times so that I can think clearly regarding my plan of resignation.

I have been thinking deeply with the pros and cons of resignation especially at this time that I have many things to pay. I also have a personal plan which will greatly affect my future. A plan that I really want to do within this year since it is a reality that we are adding years in our age which will really define our own development as a human being.

There is so much thinking to do. I had to pray hard for this one and study it heavily. Like what one of my college professors use to say in accounting. She said that “Accounting is not a hard subject. It’s just a heavy one.” A saying which for me is almost entirely true and applying it to real-life situations, we must apply both. We must pray hard and heavily do something and not do something the hard way while praying heavily.

Pondering. Pondering. Pondering.