It was supposed to be an amazing shoe rack but this afternoon, it was not amazing already. I bought this portable shoe rack last January from a group-buying site and picked it up at their office in Greenhills. It was colored white, made of light materials, hard plastic and tin metal tubes which were easy to assemble. It was a 10-layer rack but a part of the lower sides literally broke down into two. Even the ends of three connectors got stuck on the insertion part of the side layer. Now what was left was a 7-layer rack after I disassembled and removed the broken parts. There is one side that was broken but I put a masking tape around it after connecting it. Amazing shoe rack which is not durable that lasted for four months only.

As for the evaluations of my operators, I have already given the performance evaluations for 2 operators who will be ending their contracts for this month of May. I have finished evaluating another 2 operators of whom one I have already sent her copy to be signed while the other is still with me. I will be sending it to him probably next week because I will also inform our operations manager and HR not to renew his contract. I will still have to evaluate three more operators who will all be ending their contracts this coming month of June. One more operator left will be evaluated on July for his end of contract on August. Performance evaluations are a part of our job as a team leader. I have to think carefully and ponder rightfully to be able to decide eventually on whom to recommend for renewal. There are really some people not worth to be renewed because of their working attitudes.