I have been able to use my Sulit account again in looking for new operators. I have posted 2 ads, one for part-time encoder and the other is for full-time encoder, which is for my 2 sites. There are already 3 applicants who have submitted their resumes and I have already forwarded it to our HR.

This is really the trend in job hunting now. An applicant should not only look for known job search engine sites or internet recruitment sites such as Jobstreet and JobsDB but they should have an option to browse for job ads in other websites such as Sulit. One has to be internet-literate nowadays in such a way that they must know how to browse on several sites. They should not only know how to log in a very well-known social-networking site such as FB but they should also know how to navigate to different sites. Internet searching skills is a necessity especially if you are looking for specifics and not general terms or subjects.

I am so thankful to my eldest brother who have exposed us to the early stages of internet surfing. He bought an old Pentium 1 before for us to know how to use a computer and then there was the age of the Edsamail era where they offer free email address. That was the start and before I knew it, I have known already how to surf free internet in our university library. Knowledge is really power.