These were the events that happened after a week of hiatus from my blog.

Birthday celebration of Love

I woke up early to pick up the flowers I have bought through ebay_dot_ph and was a few minutes early on site. I changed my mind and have the flowers wrapped in abaca fiber and wax paper wrapper with red ribbon, water tubes for the roses, and gift card for my simple note. Afterwards, we had a lunch date at Handuraw and dessert date at Secret Recipe.

Pre-Marathon day

We travelled to La Union early in the morning and arrived almost lunchtime already. My review for the hotel we had stayed in was already posted in tripadvisor.  We had our late lunch at North Mandarin and our dinner at Taipan Garden restaurant.

Marathon day

We ate pandesal before proceeding for the 1st KU IKAIKA international marathon and it was a very worthy run. 42K route consisted of roads, fields, mountain and beach run which was really challenging especially the mountain uphill and downhill route. I was able to finish the run around 11 in the morning under the constant heat of the sun. My PR (personal record) for my first 42K marathon is 6 hours and 18 minutes (6:18).

Post-Marathon day

We extended for two hours at the hotel we have stayed in and ate our late lunch afterwards at Golden Society Food House which was walking distance to Partas bus station. We waited at Partas for almost an hour until there was a van driver who was looking for passengers bound to Baguio, probably as his extra earnings, which we gladly took advantage of. It was worth 100 pesos and the ride was really fast even though it rained really hard and the driver drove as if he knew by heart the route of Naguilian road.

Rest day

We went to Spa Soleil and experience my first sauna there. Afterwards, we had a shower and then proceeded to have our massage for an hour and a half. It was a hard massage that I really felt the pain from the pressure of the fingers on my muscles. It was not a relaxing massage session but we really needed it as added relief for our tired muscles due to our marathon experience.

Extended days

The relatives of Love advised us to apply in Saint Louis University and because of the recent issues in our company, we both decided to give it a try. Love have sent a resignation letter already and for me, upon reading an email today which hindered my planned visit to one of my site, I immediately created a resignation letter dated next week that I will also email next week. We had to extend because our stay in Baguio because we need to pass our application letters and resumes personally and we also need to fill up some forms.


Although the sudden turn of events which really made me decide to resign is really a sudden move. Planned even before but was not planned to be effective for this month. This is really a challenging part in our lives as a couple but a decision must be made. I have plans of my own that really needs to have a revision in order to be achieved. I just hope and pray that that decisions we have made, if not wrong, will have positive results. We hope we can overcome this stage of struggle as we continue to live as a couple.