I use this cellphone primarily for business purposes having inserted the 2 sim cards from the two company-issued cellphones. Those 2 cellphones are Samsung Corby 2 and Nokia C2-01 both of which I am not using anymore since I do not want to bring so many cellphones.

As I have mentioned, 2 sim cards, which means this is a dual-sim cellphone. Just the basic features can be found in this cellphone which I bought for texting use only. It also has an MP3 player which I rarely use. It features also an FM radio which I rarely use because I already lost the headset which also functions as the antenna.

For emergency purposes, it has a flashlight feature which you can access by having a long press on the middle button.

When I bought this last 2010, I did not notice that it lacks one very important feature, which is a calculator. In lieu of this, every time I wanted to compute for my reports and my personal expenses, I just use my Xperia minipro.

It has no camera function. Also, I have already replaced the original battery which is, fortunately, replaceable by a Nokia BL-5C battery.

It has a loud speaker and the back casing can be remove easily when you want to replace the battery or remove the sim cards and the microsd card. I have inserted my own 1gb microsd card since the internal memory is not sufficient even for text messages because I always experienced full phone memory already for messages. Also, it is really annoying during texting when I am going to send to a specific name, I still need to press the "down" key until I find the recipient's name. It automatically turns off and restarts when I try to search for a specific name. This is one of the major flaw of this cellphone, aside from having no calculator, pressing the "down" key is really a hassle and time-consuming especially when I need to reply immediately and then the cellphone hangs and restart.