It’s the birthday of my sister today.

Love and I watched two downloaded movies today, “ATM” and “444 Last Day on Earth”. While watching the latter, I had to finish writing a reply to one of my DCOs who happened to be insurbordinating me already based on her email. Her first email was a direct blame on me regarding her unpaid one-day wage which was not really my fault. I only emailed their DTRs and the computation of their salary is not in my hands. It was already a direct insubordination from her part and yet she still have the guts to email me how she was mad on my accusations (?) yet the tone of her first email plus the message was already a direct insubordination by blaming me indirectly because there was a salary, rather a wage, discrepancy.

I replied telling my DCO not to be too sensitive and that she should analyzed her first email. She even had the guts to tell me that I abandon them when everything else fails or when there is an issue already. She’s telling me this as if we were close and just plain friends. I told her that she must know the limits and boundaries and that, sometimes, they tend to forget that I am their team leader.

As of this moment, I will be waiting for her reply. If there is still a tone of insubordination, sad to say, I have no choice but to issue a memo based on the company handbook. As for her evaluation, I am thinking of including her emails as part of evaluation. It is very unfortunate for her because if it would have been a text, I would have forgotten it already. As for this one, it was an email, a proof of insubordination.

I had encountered this kind of attitude before from a new DCO and this time, I need to be strict and follow my principles. I have never shown disrespect to my superiors before and this kind of attitude should never be taken for granted.