6th & 7th Day

I started to unweed the grasses on the backyard of Love's place.

First time to travel alone to SLU from Bakakeng on a very foggy afternoon with rain.

I had a nightmare at dawn in which I was trying to revive myself because I was already dead due to two shots in my body.

I jogged again today and I was able to go to BCC and CJH, Wright Park stairs and Mansion house. I also walked from downtown up to Bakakeng.
I joined the sisters in a scrabble game before proceeding to continue with the unweeding in the backyard.

I had a power nap and afterwards picked up Love and I also had the Lexmark black ink cartridge refilled.

8th, 9th, 10th Day

The 8th day of my official stay in Baguio was the 2nd day of unweeding the backyard of Love's place. I was assisted by her sister.

The 9th day was the 3rd day of unweeding.

July 10th done with most of the weeds. I will still continue tomorrow. Feeling of depression striked again.
For showbiz trending news today, Dolphy, King of Philippine comedy died at the age of 83 at Makati Medical Center due to severe pneumonia at 8:30 PM. It was really a saddening news.

It reminds us that there is really an end in everything including our life.