We were early for our scheduled interview. Love went with the interview and informed that she will not pursue with the Computer Operator job since she is already teaching in SLU. She did the interview as a sign of courtesy for the panel interviewers. As for me, it was my first time to experience a panel interview. I think I have answered all the questions raised although there were some silent gaps in between and also moment of pause and long thinking of answers. Questions for the 10-minute interview were introduction of one's self, units of computer subjects, motivating factors to continue working, plan to continue with pursuing a professional civil service eligibility, rebuttal questions with the topic of salary as motivating factor and also lack of patience because of several companies I have been with. Lastly, three adjectives to describe myself and what makes me the best to be hired. Plus the very basic question of what my talent is in which I was told that I was unsure with my answer and that I should removed the word "maybe". On this part, it really made me ponder because it is a question or a test of confidence level rather than just a question about one's real talent.

Afterwards, I left and just walked around some parts of downtown Baguio. Strolled a little bit and pondered if I should buy a shoe worth 299 pesos but decided not to because of lack of budget. I also stayed for almost an hour in the Cathedral for some peace of mind. I prayed to God for guidance and strength and also give thanks for the small blessings even though I have no job for now.

During lunch with Love, she informed me that she was frustrated with her friend Grace. I was disgraced by Grace who informed a DPWH employee about me being "antipatiko". She really have a problem and she is really not in good terms with me. She must be insecured with Love having a relationship with me. Anyway, it is not my problem anymore because I am not going to ruin my day and the coming days with one person. Although, what she had told one of the panelist, might really affect my application with DPWH.

I also replied to my sister's email using this slow internet of my postpaid Sun broadband. The speed range is only between 20-57 kbps using the openline Globe tattoo dongle.

As of this moment, Love is teaching her 4-5PM class, her cousin is here with his girlfriend and I am pondering on my next move to find a source of income.