Below are the 3 software I found very useful and I always install every time I install or reinstall Windows operating system. This is in no way a promotion or marketing of the software, rather, these are personal preferences.

1.    VLC Player - software which can play almost all kind of music and video formats.

2.    Magic Disc - software which I use especially for games to have an extra virtual CD/DVD drive. I also use this to create ISO for DVDs or CDs.

3.    Free Studio Manager - an AIO or all-in-one software which has all the free software you need for music and video conversion for all formats including mobile phone formats, image editing tools, CD and DVD burning applications, 3D photo and video maker for enthusiasts and also a Youtube downloader program which you can use to download your favorite Youtube file provided, of course, you have an internet connection with the right speed.

By the way, software does not take a plural form. It is a collective and a continuous noun. It is like "water", "deer", or "sheep" which does not have a plural form.