We had another run this afternoon after doing the laundry and watching a downloaded movie, “And Justice For All”, which is an old 1979 movie starring Al Pacino. This time, we ran the Quezon City Circle outside perimeter. It was just a few rounds since my Love was having a hard time already. Anyway, what was good about this run was the refresher that we had. It was the favorite of Love which is buco juice. We had two rounds of buco juice as we refreshed ourselves. It’s worth 15 pesos for a large transparent plastic cup of “pure” buco juice.

After our afternoon run, we went to SM North and tried to check for running socks in Chris Sports and use the 5% discount stub we had as freebie during our 143Go2 run in UP Diliman last March. Unfortunately, they don’t have the items maybe because the store area is small. I will try to look in other branches before April 18, which is the expiration date of the discount stubs.

Since we did not find any running socks, we decided to use another leaflet, and this time it’s Jollibee coupons. We used 3 coupons to buy our lunch-dinner, as my Love called it, and ate the foods at home. We had one-piece chickenjoy, two-piece burger steaks, two colas with floats, one mango-peach pie, one large fries and one regular coke. We finished the regular coke while walking outside SM and the large fries, while walking near project 7 already.

Back at home, I still have runny nose, and have been drinking Coldzeps and Lemoncee as a remedy.